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創宏遠 12v100w開關電源 220v轉12v開關電源

產品類型:產品展示 -- 出售 行業:開關電源 商品原價:0元 優惠價格:0元 品牌:創宏遠 單位: 上架日期:17-07-10 22:52 人氣:

International AC input range
High efficiency,low working temperature
Short circuit,overload,over-current protection
100% fully load burn-in test
Built-in EMI filter, low ripple noise
Low cost, high reliability
CE and Rohs approval,2 years warranty
OEM and ODM is welcome
Model S-100-12 S-100-24
AC input voltage range 110-264VAC
Input current 0.5A/115V 0.25A/230V
AC impulse current Cold-start current 13A/115V 26A/230V
DC output voltage 12V 24V
DC output power 100W 100W
Rated output current 8.3A 4.1A
Output voltage error ±1% ±1%
Efficiency 85% 85%
Wave and noise 100mVp-p 100mVp-p
Inlet stability ±0.5% ±0.5%
Load stability ±0.5% ±0.5%
Leakage current <0.5mA/240VAC
Overload protection 105% - 150% rated power, automatically recovery
Vibration 10500Hz,2G 10min./1cycle,Period for 60min,Each axes
Cooling method Natural cooling air convection
Working temperature and humidity - 20 ° ~ 60 ° c / 20% ~ 90% RH (no frost)
Store temperature and humidity - 40 ° ~ 85 ° c / 10% ~ 95% RH (no frost)
Safety standards CE(EMC+LVD),Rohs
Dimension 199x98x42mm
Weight 0.3kgs
1.LED switching power supply using pulse width modulation (PWM) switching technology designed to ensure power supply stability and high efficiency.
2. Product interference, through the EMC testing, ripple ≤ 50MV.
3. Efficiency above 80%, temperature ≤ 25 °C.
4.LED switching power supply with overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection.
5. Constant current output to ensure the stability of the power, so that LED lighting effects better and live longer.
6. Products have the anti-interference ensures long-life LED strips, reducing the LED lighting decline.